Overdue Collection Agency

Overdue Collection Agency is a 501(c)(3) non-profit record label, focusing on vinyl records. Up to 100% of the profits of each release go to a charity chosen by the artist.

Questions about tax deductible donations? Head to our FAQ.

Born out of a love for bands that never really got their due, these releases are Overdue for some love. It’s also a reference to this fine song.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the label was officially launched in 2011, it’s inaugural releases from Seattle band Gatsbys American Dream. Their first two albums Why We Fight (2002) and Ribbons & Sugar (2003) were completely remastered, and reissued on vinyl for the first time. Profits from the release are being donated to Water.org. (Head to their website to donate directly).

In July of 2014, we released the third effort In the Land of Lost Monsters by Gatsbys American Dream. Originally released in 2004, the EP was a significant entry in the splendidly challenging discography of Gatsbys American Dream.

In February of 2016, we collaborated with Gates and Matt Pryor to release a 7" split benefit, Burn Bright Vol. 1. This release celebrates the label's new 501(c)(3) status, with 50% of profits going to the label and the remaining 50% split evenly between RAINN and the East Los Angeles Women's Center. Head to their websites to donate directly.

Return Policy & Damages

Most orders ship out next day. All orders are entitled to a full refund up to 30 days after a purchase, as long as the records are undamaged. Send us an email before you ship us anything.

We do our very best to ensure that your records arrive in great condition. If your order arrives damaged, we will make it right by replacing (if items are in stock) or by refunding your order. Send us an email with details about damages, including photos.

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