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Gatsbys tickets selling fast + Bandcamp Friday Update Posted 03 Feb 2023

Gatsbys Tickets going fast!

The tickets for the Gatsbys reunion show in LA are not gonna last and it's uncertain if there's any further show plans at the moment. Most of the guys have day jobs and families, so touring is probably not in the cards. This might be it! So if you're anywhere close to LA on April 28th, make the trek!

Happy Bandcamp Friday!

If you didn't know, Gatsbys first two LPs and the EP are up on Bandcamp. We got these up back in September, but we've only mentioned it on our socials.

If you've ordered records via our regular webstore anytime since September, send me your receipt and I'll send you free Bandcamp download codes for your purchases. Then you can have them in your Bandcamp library too! If that's you're thing.

New Always Tired EP!

While you're over there on Bandcamp, if you're into sludgy emo shoegaze, you might want to check out a band we're working with called Always Tired! They're from Fayetteville, Arkansas and we've released a new EP Three Songs just in time for Bandcamp Friday (embedded above). It's also available on streaming pretty much everywhere.

After releasing a lone single last year, they've become mainstays of their local scene, opening for the likes of Titus Andronicus and Cloarkroom.

Alright, that's it for a while. Unless there's more Gatsbys shows, we won't bug you!

The Stereo announce a Kickstarter Posted 15 Feb 2022

The Stereo has announced a Kickstarter for their first new album in nearly 20 years, Thirteen along with a podcast called Kings of No Hope.

Kings of No Hope will feature guests like Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional), Patrick Stump (Fall Out Boy), Ryan Seaman (I Don’t Know How But They Found Me), Chad Gilbert (New Found Glory), Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake), Andrew Dost (fun.) and many more.

If you’ve never heard of this band, please check them out on streaming services to get a sample. A very underrated band with supremely catchy songs. Overdue Collection Agency is a big fan of this band, and we think you will be too.

Rewards include the new album on color vinyl with gatefold packaging, an HD livestream in-studio concert and test pressings of the new record.

Featuring Jamie Woolford from Animal Chin and Rory Phillips from The Impossibles, the band began in 1999 at the suggestion of John Janick, founder of Fueled By Ramen. The Stereo released their first album Three Hundred that year. Infighting led to Rory leaving before their next album No Traffic in 2001, creating a revolving door of new members.

Despite the drama, The Stereo continued releasing solid albums, with amazing songs. However, most of their adulation came from their peers rather than fans or the music industry itself. The band released their most recent album Rewind + Record in 2002 (we have dead stock, original copies of the vinyl in our store), before finally breaking up in 2004.

The band, including Rory, came back together initially in 2011 for a one-off performance for Fueled By Ramen’s 15th Anniversary. The show featured them, Paramore and fun. After playing, the band would continue to occasionally playing shows together before deciding to make another record. The band self-funded the production of Thirteen for the past seven years. The Kickstarter will help fund the physical production of the record, the podcast and the livestream.

Modern Man comes to vinyl! Posted 07 Oct 2020

The 2 songs Gatsbys American Dream recorded in 2011 are coming to vinyl for a very special cause by Equal Vision Records. Two 12" variants limited to 250 copies each, available here.

If you don't follow the band on socials, you may not have heard that Bobby's niece is fighting cancer. Bobby's brother Billy Darling was also the tour manager for the band. They've started a GoFundMe which can be donated to here. All the profits from the vinyl will got to this fund.

Full disclosure, we were not involved in this pressing, but we knew as fellow Gatsbys fans, that this release is something you'd probably want to know about!

So buy the vinyl for a good cause, or at the very least, donate a couple of bucks to the GoFundMe.

Don't use Uline if you care about queer and BIPOC Posted 24 Jun 2020

If you do any kind of mail order, and want to support queer and BIPOC, please stop using Uline.

As pride month comes to an end, let's acknowledge it's beginnings as riot with heavy involvement from trans Black and Latina women. But what are some actions you can take?

In 2014, Oni Press made a pledge to stop using Uline as a source for shipping supplies because of Uline's owners support for Family-PAC, an anti-gay political action committee in Chicago. After hearing about this, I decided to stop using Uline for any mail order supplies. I had the power to make that change, so I did.

If this is the first you're hearing of Uline's politics, welcome into the fray. Uline's owners are also large supporters of Trump and conservative politicians. During the 2018 election cycle, they gave $38 million to conservative PACs and candidates, including supporting the campaign to elect Roy Moore.

When I order stuff, occasionally I see a Uline mailer when it arrives. It's disappointing when there are so many great alternatives out there. If you run mail order at your label, publisher, wherever, you can easily find new suppliers. If you have the power to choose your suppliers, I'm implore you to do so.

I've primarily used Bags Unlimited and more recently Whiplash mailers (though they were significantly cheaper when I ordered 6 weeks ago.) I utilize kraft paper tape to reduce my use of plastic, and that can be purchased at most shipping supply companies.

Burlesque of North America made an extensive list of shipping suppliers in 2017 that you can find here. However difficult your shipping need is, you don't need to turn to Uline to solve it. Even your local box store would probably be able to help.

24 hours left for the Test Press Solidarity Raffle Posted 15 Jun 2020

Raffle Update: Finally mailed out all prizes! We raised $1425 total for http://communitybailfunds.com. Overdue covered the processing fees of our e-commerce store / payment providers to maximize the contribution. Thank you all for contributing!

Special thanks to Gatsbys American Dream, Gates and Matt Pryor for the amazing music that drove contributions.

Wanted to let everyone know you've got 24 hours left to purchase a raffle ticket or tell your friends. Send 'em to overduecollection.com, it'll be the first thing they see on the page. All funds will be going to communitybailfunds.com

Thanks so much to everyone who has purchased a raffle ticket so far! We'll be announcing and notifying winners on Tuesday.

Stay safe out there, especially if you're protesting, and wear a mask!

Test Press Solidarity Raffle Posted 08 Jun 2020

After witnessing the recent protests against the racist murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade by police, I struggled with what I could do stand in solidarity. My partner is immunocompromised, so physically going to a protest was not possible. Outside of that, I decided on donating to several different bail funds, local Black Lives Matter and community organizers working to defund the police. For the label, I participated in Blackout Tuesday since it's a part of the music industry, technically. It felt insufficient.

But with the great examples from Touché Amoré, Memory Music and Joyce Manor, we realized we could contribute our test presses as well. It still feels insufficient, but it's a step forward. Proceeds will be donated to benefit a fund split between 70+ (and growing) bail networks, mutual aid and racial justice organizations via ActBlue. All money raised will be donated to that fund.

Tickets are available from June 8th until midnight on June 15th. (PDT)

We've never auctioned off or sold our test presses, they've only been made available for bands and their management or friends.

Each ticket is $5 per LP and $2.50 per 7 inch. Each test press has original artwork and is numbered. We have two copies available of each record, except for Why We Fight test press and the misprinted Ribbons cover. That means for every ticket you buy, you have two chances to win. You can win multiple items, but not duplicate items. Buy as many tickets as you'd like. Free downloads of the music included with entry.

Also available in the raffle is a rare copy of Ribbons and Sugar with a misprinted jacket. Our initial batch of covers did not include a panel due to an error at the printer. We received free replacement jackets, but decided to save some to exclusively give to folks at the Subscriber level from our initial Kickstarter. Only 16 were sent out.

With this action, we hope we can contribute in solidarity with the Black community in the fight against white supremacy. Defunding police departments are a large part of this fight as well. We encourage you to read up on these issues and find your local community organizers to find out how you can help out where you live. Click through to read more:

Black Lives Matter Global Network

National Bail Fund Network

MPD 150 - Working towards a police free Minneapolis

Defund12.org - Resource to contact your local officials about defunding police

15th Anniversary of Volcano Posted 12 Apr 2020

Today is the 15th Anniversary of Volcano by Gatsbys American Dream. An ominous, poppy album about the arrogance of humanity at odds with their environment. More appropriate than ever during this era of pandemic.

Before I continue, I wanted to state there are no current plans (that I am aware of) to release Volcano or the self-titled album on vinyl. This is not for lack of trying, I assure you.

Volcano was a big album for Gatsbys. If you were fortunate enough to watch them grow throughout the years, the lead up to this album was remarkable. It was a logical step up to Volcano, and the band rightfully received the best reviews of the career.

The heavy themes that run the gamut from exuberant to threatening, the music itself seesaws between gloom and glee. The dark sounds of "Theatre" contrasts with the joyful chord progression of "Fable". Their songwriting and musicianship at their peak, the album simply sounds amazing.

The band had a three month window at home between tours to record Volcano with producer Casey Bates, and they certainly gave it their all. The utilized a map to insure each song had 2-3 connections to other songs on the album, providing a sense of familiarity as you kept listening. That soaring reprise from "Fable" at the end "Speaker of the Dead" is one of the most triumphant parts of an album that I can remember.

On a more personal note, this album had a positive effect on me as one of my earliest exposures to concept albums. Being focused more in the punk scene, there really wasn't a precedent for me to hear concept albums until Gatsbys and Coheed started coming into their own. While the concept album may have become an albatross around their necks as their careers progressed, their albums were executed so well. It opened my mind to a lot more music and I'm eternally grateful for that.

During this isolation, I've leaned heavily on media to keep me level. Volcano's questioning of the hubris of a ruling power has provided validation. Reassurance that I'm right to be concerned about how the people in charge have been handling this emergency. The end, whenever that might be, will be dark. Out of that dark will eventually bring light. Until then, our skies are black plumes.

Thanks for reading everyone. Please stay safe.

Update - May 10th, 2019 Posted 10 May 2019

Happy new release day to the Get Up Kids! Their new LP "Problems" comes out today via Polyvinyl. You can order the Light Blue vinyl directly from the band or the Starburst variant via Polyvinyl.

Make sure to check them out on their European tour happening now and their upcoming US tour. Tour dates can be found here.

Matt Pryor performed an acoustic version of the song “Brakelines” on the 7″ we put out in 2016. The new LP is awesome, and it's amazing to hear this song in it's final form. This label is truly honored that our release featured two future Get Up Kids songs, especially because the song "Overdue" is our namesake. I personally apologize for spelling song name wrong (the 7" lists it as Brake Lines), so let's call it a mulligan. "My Own Reflection", also from the 7", came out on the Kicker EP last year.

In label news, we're proud to announce that 7" has raised $316 ($158 each) for RAINN and East Los Angeles Women's Center. That amount was donated in December of last year. We can't recommend these organizations highly enough, particularly in this difficult of period time. If you have funds to spare, we hope you consider them for donations.

Still no new releases on the docket, but the store is open. Orders will be shipping at their usual pace, and we hope to press some new records in the future. Sorry that I don't have any more specifics. Either way, I'm just glad that the Get Up Kids are more active than the label has been recently. Our first record came out when their last one did, so it's been a long time coming!

Update - June 8th, 2018 Posted 18 Jun 2018

Hello Everyone, apologies for the radio silence. Orders are still shipping, the store is open. Currently, we do not have plans for new releases at this time. Hopefully that will change soon.

However, I did want to let everyone know that there is a new EP out today from The Get Up Kids called Kicker. You can purchase it on vinyl here.

Matt Pryor performed an acoustic version of the song “My Own Reflection” on the 7″ we put out in 2016. Really amazing to hear a full band version of this, and super excited to hear the new full length!

OD 4.0 Now Shipping Posted 25 Feb 2016

To celebrate Overdue’s new status as a 501( c )(3) charitable organization, we’ve teamed up with Gates and Matt Pryor to produce a superb split 7". The split is entitled Burn Bright Vol. 1, our first release of original material.

Each artist and associated labels graciously donated use of the songs, free of licensing fees. (Artists are still being paid mechanical royalties.)

In addition to commemorating our status as a 501(c)(3), 50% of the profits for this release will benefit two other charitable organizations. Both charities support survivors of sexual assault: The East Los Angeles Women’s Center and RAINN. Please head to their respective websites to make direct donations or to find out how you can help.

Gates contributed a b-side from their full length Bloom & Breathe, entitled “Captive”. Gates will be on tour this summer with Thrice and La Dispute.

Matt Pryor contributed two tracks “My Own Reflection” and “Brake Lines”, his latest release is the live album Nine Forty Live.

There are 5 variants in total, 3 are exclusive to the webstore. Gates and Matt Pryor have their own versions, which will be available on their respective tours. Here’s the pressing information:

50 Black with Numbered Fire Extinguisher tags. (Exclusive to Overdue)

75 Black with Numbered Fire Extinguisher tags, (Exclusive to Gates)

75 Black with Numbered Fire Extinguisher tags. (Exclusive to Matt Pryor)

328 Black

550 Clear

The split starts a $6, but you can name your own price above that if you choose. To find out more about this, please head to our FAQ.

The profits for our previous releases were all donated to Water.org. In the Land of Lost Monsters by Gatsbys American Dream has raised $1778 so far. Coupled with sales of our previous releases, this brings our total donations since our last release up to $6393 for Water.Org. Thanks to everyone who has purchased copies of the records! Head to their website to make a direct donation.

Store Update + New Distro Items!

We still have all variants of the last three LP’s in stock. However, we are running low on a few variants.

Gatsbys American Dream - Why We Fight

Gatsbys American Dream - Ribbons & Sugar

Gatsbys Ameican Dream - In The Land Of Lost Monsters

(less than 30 copies left of the OBI Strip Variant)

The Money Pit Posted 31 Aug 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard about the Money Pit. If you haven’t, you better damn well get acquainted. Here’s the first song on their self-titled debut:


The Money Pit is a new band from Nic Newsham and Bobby Darling previously of Gatsbys American Dream.

While the Money Pit is not a direct continuation of their previous band, it will certainly appease old fans. Much more importantly, their self-titled debut stands strongly on it’s own. Extremely cohesive and masterful executed, this is the album everyone’s been waiting for.

Cathartically honest lyrics, guitars that demand (at least) head-nodding, and melodies that simply ask you to bask in their glory. These songs are great summer jams, with the perfect contrast of pop and grit.

There’s still 4 months left in the year, but I’m going to go ahead call this album of 2015. Marty McFly ain’t got nothing on 2015.

And to get even realer here: If you like what you hear, support the Money Pit. If you love any band, support them. Buy their record, or at the very least, tell your friends.

One of the best things I’ve ever done for my friends is tell them about a band. I love getting that text or email, sometimes weeks from when I told them, about how “That band is awesome. We should see them if they roll through town. Where can I find more?”

So I’m telling you as a friend, do yourself a favor and get this record.

Still need convincing? Head to their bandcamp to download the track above and 3 more awesome songs. https://themoneypit.bandcamp.com/