Overdue Collection Agency

The Stereo - Rewind + Record

Imported from Germany's Defiance Records, licensed from Fueled By Ramen.

Part of the original 2002 pressing, and never played.

This last release from the Stereo, an amazing power pop band fronted by Jamie Woolford. Jamie went on to form Let Go. He currently plays solo when he's not producing records.


  1. Dear Fans Of The Stereo
  2. Pay No Attention
  3. Don't Say Uncle
  4. You Better Believe It
  5. Too Little, Too Late
  6. Tell Your Football Dad No
  7. 1994
  8. Stop Breathing
  9. Have I Paid My Debt To MPLS?
  10. Just Let Go
  11. Vice Versa Inquisition / No Name
  12. Turn Off Your T.V.
  13. Two Week Notice