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Always Tired - Contact Sports OD 5.0

Always Tired is an emocore band out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Their debut album Contact Sports is now available on vinyl, releasing on February 2nd, 2024!

First pressing on transparent red vinyl. 550 copies. Cover is a variation on the digital cover.

A little something special on this record: Side A has standard grooves. But since Side B features the same songs in a live setting, the grooves are reversed! On Side B, you play it from the label out.

With an appreciation for early emo bands from the 80's, post-hardcore and punk, Always Tired provides a passionately raw performance. After releasing a single, an EP and playing a lot of local shows, Always Tired got together to record an album. Contact Sports features the studio recordings of six tracks and on the b-side of the album, those same six tracks, in sequence, live.

The question would be why release it in that format? Singer and guitarist Michael Sweater notes that "We wanted to leave a record of what we actually sounded in the room when preparing the material." Flanked by lead guitarist Park Bradford, bass player Kyle Kamninski, and drummer Jrd, the band is hungry to get their music out there. They're already working on new songs for a follow up.

Always Tired will be playing a lot of local shows around the release and are open to touring opportunities. Follow them on Bandcamp and Instagram.

25% of the profits will be going to Intransitive:

“Intransitive works to advance the cause of Trans liberation in Arkansas through art, education, advocacy, organizing and culture in order to create effective systemic change and on-the-ground impact."

Head to intransitive.org

Track Listing

  1. teeth
  2. 10pm
  3. made wrong
  4. domestic failure
  5. the better part
  6. the weather channel
  8. 10PM (LIVE)

Pressing Information

1st Cassette Pressing:
200 copies on mint green shells with clear / red tint case