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Gatsbys American Dream - Ribbons & Sugar - 20th Anniversary Edition OD 2.1

Happy 20 years to Ribbons & Sugar!

Originally released on July 1st 2003, this album marked a significant change in direction for the band which would foreshadow their later work.

This anniversary pressing is 45RPM on 180-gram vinyl. The liner notes include the original interview from the 2011 pressing in a fresh new layout featuring photos from GAD's archives! The insert is tri-fold, printed on uncoated paper.

The plain, white, uncoated jackets feature two different stickers. One is a hand-numbered, two-color risograph-printed sticker on the top right of the jacket. The second is a custom imprinted, holographic sticker which folds over the spine (except for the Swine Edition). Everything is housed in a resealable polypropylene sleeve.

The matte black jacket variants are exclusive to the Overdue store and are limited to 100 copies each.

The Blue / White Swirl variant may contain random streaks of black and brown. We asked the pressing plant to not clear the hopper between colors, with fun results.

50% of the profits go to the band. 25% goes to charity or mutual aid funds chosen by the artist (in this case, water.org), and the remaining 25% goes to production costs associated with the releases. This new model is more sustainable for the artists, and we're excited to partner with Gatsbys American Dream on this release!

These are shipping now.

1 black jacket variant exclusive each per customer and/or household. You can order one of each variant, but not two or more of each. Cart limits are in effect, and double orders will be cancelled.

Track Listing

  1. The Taming
  2. We're Not Orphans
  3. Epilogue
  4. Work Lies Sex Love Fear Hate Friendship
  5. A Manifesto of Tangible Wealth
  6. Snicker at the Swine
  7. Apparition
  8. Cut the Strings
  9. The Horse You Rode in On
  10. Recondition, Reprogram, Reactivate
  11. Counterfeit Language

Pressing Information

20 Test Presses
100 Swine - Matte Black Jacket - Black Vinyl (Overdue Exclusive)
100 Back in Black - Matte Black Jacket - Black Vinyl (Overdue Exclusive)
100 Blue Ribbons - Matte Black Jacket - Blue/White Swirl (Overdue Exclusive)
300 Black - White Jacket
400 Blue/White Swirl - White Jacket