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The Get Up Kids - Guilt Show LP

2022 repress, released as part of Vagrant 25th Anniversary series. Listed by my distributor as being on green vinyl, but could also be Coke Bottle Clear with Red Splatter. The splatter variant was listed as being limited to 300 copies, but it appears more copies were pressed than that.

The last full-length from The Get Up Kids before their hiatus in 2005, ensuring the band went out on a high note. Stylistically, Guilt Show is melding of their previous LP, On A Wire, and their energetic earlier work.


  1. Man Of Conviction
  2. The One You Want
  3. Never Be Alone
  4. Wouldn't Believe It
  5. Holy Roman
  6. Martyr Me
  7. How Long Is Too Long
  8. In Your Sea
  9. Sympathy
  10. The Dark Night Of The Soul
  11. Is There A Way Out
  12. Conversation