Overdue Collection Agency

Gatsbys American Dream - Ribbons & Sugar OD 2.0

Ribbons and Sugar is Gatsbys American Dream's second album. For the first time ever, it is available on vinyl under exclusive license to the Overdue Collection Agency.

Remastered from the original 2" audio reels. Each record is made from high quality 180 gram vinyl, mastered at 45RPM. These also include gatefold package and full-color liner note booklets.

100% of the profits (approximately 50% of the sales price) goes to Water.org.

Each purchase includes with a free instant download.

Track Listing

  1. The Taming
  2. We're Not Orphans
  3. Epilogue
  4. Work Lies Sex Love Fear Hate Friendship
  5. A Manifesto of Tangible Wealth
  6. Snicker at the Swine
  7. Apparition
  8. Cut the Strings
  9. The Horse You Rode in On
  10. Recondition, Reprogram, Reactivate
  11. Counterfeit Language

Pressing Information

24 Test Presses
16 Pink/Blue Split with missing interior front cover art
206 Pink/Blue Split
330 Pink Marble
550 Clear with Pink and Blue Splatter