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Gates - Bloom & Breathe Posted 24 Oct 2014

After Overdue released In the Land of Lost Monsters on July 29th, one of our customers sent us a very nice message:

"Just wanted to say that both the Ribbons and Sugar and In The Land of Lost Monsters releases you've done are the best vinyl purchases I've ever made. The quality is incredible, and being able to read the interviews with the band is so awesome. I miss updates on them and I love everything about Gatsbys. They continue to be a huge influence on me and my music to this day and I'm sure they will be forever. It's so great to get "new" releases from them. Here's to hoping you continue to release their catalogue, and maybe those songs they recorded a few years back as well! Keep on keeping on."

This message was from the frontman of a band we very much admire: Kevin Dye of gates. After following the band for awhile, and having listened to their first two EP's quite a bit, it was very neat to hear from someone so dedicated to their craft as we try to be. We've always done our best to take a considered approach to the work we release. The work Kevin and gates do is very much in that vein.

All around from lyrics, songwriting, production, and even artwork, gates is one of the best bands around. Their work is very powerful, atmospheric yet brimming with melody, each song sounds like it might provide the soundtrack to a gorgeous film. On Tuesday, gates release their debut full-length album, Bloom & Breathe, out now. We here at the Overdue Collection Agency highly recommend this album, and we think you'll enjoy it. We hope you consider purchasing this very fine album, which is available from the band on a beautiful 2XLP package here:


and on iTunes here:


Go catch them on tour if you get the chance! They'll be on the road a bunch through the end of the year with artists like Pianos Become the Teeth and Foxing.

OD 3.0 Now Shipping Posted 29 Jul 2014

OD 3.0 is now shipping

On July 6th 2004, Gatsbys American Dream released an EP on LLR Recordings that would re-define their band once again. Produced by Casey Bates, who would go on to produce the band's next two albums, the EP served as a mission statement for the group. In the Land of Lost Monsters became an essential bridge of experimentation between Ribbons & Sugar and Volcano. A little more than 10 years later, the EP is coming to vinyl for the first time.

We're very proud to announce *In The Land of Lost Monsters* by Gatsbys American Dream is now available on vinyl. No Pre-Order, simply shipping now.There are 3 variants, here's the pressing information:

200 Black with a hand-numbered OBI Strip

350 Black

550 Clear / Glow in the Dark Split

The EP has been remastered for vinyl, and cut at 45 RPM. Each record is 180 gram vinyl, hand-numbered with all-new album art (original artwork unfortunately did not reproduce for the LP format). The liner notes feature an all-new interview with Nic Newsham and Bobby Darling conducted by Sarah Shay. Each record also comes with a free download code.

Like the previous releases, 100% profits (or approximately 52% of the sales price) for this release will be donated to Water.Org. Additionally, the profits for the previous releases have been donated to Water.Org. Together, we've raised $3415 from the sales of the two previous releases so far! According to Water.Org, we've created permanent sources of clean water for 137 people. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed!


If you ordered a subscription via the Kickstarter or Limited Run, all subscriptions are being honored. If you haven't received an email from us yet requesting your address, please email info@overduecollection.com to confirm your shipping address, and your records will be shipped out as soon as possible!

Store Update + New Distro Items!

We still have all variants of the last two LP's in stock. However, we are running low on the splatter variants.

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Ribbons & Sugar

Ribbons & Sugar Turns 10 Years Old Posted 23 Jul 2013

On this day, Ribbons and Sugar is 10 years (and 23 days) old. This is cause for a celebration! A turning point in the career of Gatsbys American Dream, Ribbons and Sugar set the tone for what would come.

Why are we celebrating 23 days after the fact? While several online retailers and sources state that the release date for Ribbons and Sugar was July 23rd, 2003, while many first hand sources consider the release date to be July 1st, 2003, when the album release show occurred. The July 1st date is also listed on promotional material. In addition to celebrating the decade long milestone, we're going to celebrate the inconsistencies of this information.

So, in honor of this un-birthday, we are doing 10% off of everything in the store for the next week (until July 30th) using the following code: cowshed

This sale extends to everything in the store, including distro items.

Fun Fact: Though overall recording of the album took 6 weeks, drummer Rudy Gajadhar recorded his excellent drum tracks in only 3 days due to touring commitments with other band Waxwing (who have recently reunited).